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  Zigong City, Sichuan tight mechanical seals Co. Ltd. (Zigong city by the seal factory capable composition) is design, production, sales for the integration of scientific research production enterprises, we have all kinds of professional senior engineer, engineers, technicians and professional customer service staff.

  Company research and development of various new type high pressure, high temperature, strong corrosion, mechanical sealing, has good sealing performance, convenient installation, long service life, widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, oil refining industry, praised by users. Company has strong technical strength, well-equipped, advanced technology, detection means complete, the reserve system.

  Products are mainly used in the production of mechanical seals and sales all kinds of pump, mechanical seal, and the centrifugal compressor, mechanical seal products covered by salt, nitrate, soda, paper, power generation, mining, alumina, oil refining industry, the general production company seal in full compliance with DIN24960, ISO3069, GB6556 and other international standards, the main series there are ZU1, ZB1, ZU2, ZB2, ZU3, ZB3, ZU4, ZB4, ZU5, ZB5, ZU6, ZB6, ZU39, ZB39, ZMW96, ZML95, ZUU6, ZUB6, M7N, H7N, M74D, H74D, 224101103104105106108113116119B, 1091121201241527108U, 116U, 1523224, F01D, F02D, UK, GX, GY, HJ92N etc.. Sealing can meet the Shijiazhuang pump group FGD desulfurization system (ZGJ, ZHJ type sealing), Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory (SGB type double seal), Shandong Shuanglun group (LRB seal), Xiangfan 525 pump (HTM, HMR3 type sealing) and other large pump production enterprise size. The product can completely replace the imported from Germany and Australia KSB pump, WARMAN pump, USA Chemineer mixer, Germany EKATO mixer, America SHARPE devices with imports of seal. Water pump seal are equipped with Chongqing, Shanghai, Zibo pump pump pump pump pump, Dalian, Shenyang, Wuhan, Mount Huangshan pump pump mechanical seal and other well-known brand manufacturers, products exported to Europe, and with the host USA, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, India, Africa etc..

  Companies adhere to the "mutual benefit and win-win, develop the market leading technology, sincerity, permanent operation, grasp the opportunity to" quality service is our business philosophy!

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